Magnum Facility

Sako Facility

Marson International is a state of the art tube fabricator with two facilities centrally located in Elkhart Indiana. Using the newest technology and highest level of quality control Marson can meet all your tube fabrication needs. Started in 2002 Marson has become a leader in large and small diameter tube fabrication for a diverse customer base. Marson works closely with customers in many different markets: Gas and Diesel Chassis, Recreational Vehicle Industry, Power Generation, Mass Transit, Construction Machinery, Agricultural and the Marine Industry to name a few.





Immediate Job Opening - Assistant Plant Engineering Manager

  • Plan and implement complex industrial manufacturing engineering research, design, and development of large and small diameter metal tube and component manufacturing processes and systems across three manufacturing plants using linear dynamic systems, feedback control, and automation of industrial machines and processes to determine appropriate production flow, assembly methods, and quality of products to be fabricated for customers in markets such as gas and diesel chassis, recreational vehicle, power generation, mass transit, construction machinery, agricultural, and marine
  • Review production schedules, engineering specifications, process flows, and other industrial engineering information to understand methods that are applied and activities that take place across three manufacturing plants
  • Prepare detailed manufacturing design layouts of facilities, manufacturing equipment, assembly lines, production lines, and material handling in order to manufacture metal tube and component products with maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  • Design control systems to coordinate activities and production planning in order to ensure that metal tube and component products meet internal and external quality standards
  • Enact quality control and continuous improvement procedures in order to detect and resolve production problems while minimizing costs
  • Confer with clients about product specifications, vendors about purchases, management personnel about manufacturing capabilities, and staff about the status of metal tube and component projects
  • Coordinate the manufacturing launch of new and modified metal tube and component products including establishing goals, training engineering and production team members, and evaluating results
  • Represent Manufacturing Department on cross-functional teams in order to communicate manufacturing capabilities, production schedules, and other multifaceted information to facilitate metal tube and component production and assembly processes
  • Supervise one (1) Bending Department Lead, one (1) Production Supervisor, one (1) Powder Coat Supervisor, and (1) Weld Lead

A Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering or Similar Field of Study is required (A foreign educational equivalent is acceptable). Coursework (which may be gained in Bachelor or higher degree program) must include demonstrated knowledge in linear dynamic systems, feedback control, and automation of industrial machines and processes. Limited domestic travel and international travel is required to company manufacturing plants and client sites in the United States and Mexico. The place of employment is at Marson International LLC, 3230 Magnum Drive, Elkhart, Indiana 46516. Please send resume to: Marson International LLC, Attn: Jennifer Thompson, Human Resources Manager,1001 Sako Court, Elkhart, Indiana 46516.